Lambent Fuse is GREEN
We took the time to be considerate of our environment. Director/Co-writer Matt Cici started a recycling project during his time at North Hennepin Community College, and continues to place the environment as a high priority in everything he does.

The Lambent Fuse Team also recognized this as a major priority and decided to do many things green. Here are just a few:

Portable Recycling (recyclable) containers brought to every location, and trash containers as well (for as ZERO a pollutant policy as possible).
In controlled environments, recycled toiletries were used: Toilet paper and reduced water in bowl.
Participated in local highway cleanup for a scene.
Used few makeup supplies. (re-used when able).
Set up carpooling plans for each location.
Chose many locations within a small travel range.
Distributed digital copies of the script and revisions when needed.
Recycled paper for ALL printed material.
Recyclable craft service dishing/utensil items, such as:
 Water/beverage tubs; Starbucks® refillable coffee container, napkins, paper cups.
 Paper plates, plastic silverware, paper towels, plastic cups, aluminum soda cans.
 All food was served/re-served. Any extras were donated to local farmers.
Switched Hosting services for a greener delivery of viral information.