nick hansen
Nick Hansen - Keith Malone (actor), Producer

Nick Hansen was born in Duluth, MN in 1987. He was a tennis junkie from an early age, growing up adjacent to the Longview courts. In 2005, Hansen went to Gustavus Adolphus College to play tennis. A high school interest in movies and screenwriting led Hansen to take a video art class his freshman year in college. Falling in love with the moviemaking process, Hansen designed an individualized filmmaking major and proceeded to write, direct, act, and edit two feature length films ("6ixes & Se7ens" and "The Fringe") with his moviemaking partner-in-crime, the Welshman Alex Horton. Together they formed a production company, HorSen Bros. Productions, that has produced shorts, music videos, and an overarching video portraiture titled "Johnny Butter's American Narcissism."

Hansen slowly became interested in acting after he was forced to star in his own projects due to a lack of other actors. He then took a variety of theater classes where he discovered the true art form that acting is. Since graduation from Gustavus in 2009 Hansen has worked in a variety of positions in the Twin Cities film industry from production assistant to starring in a series of short films.