What is ‘The Blaze’

What is ‘The Blaze’?
‘The Blaze’ is a community-based project developed by the makers of Lambent Fuse to integrate the Minnesota art community and involve them in the filmmaking process. 
‘The Blaze’ provides a strong sense of community for local artists. It pushes for further collaboration and commitment to help strengthen the bonds between genres within the Minnesota art community. ‘The Blaze’ helps active artists get their talent publicized through its webspace and provides them with a medium for expression through local events and opportunities. This construct is meant to connect artists in the Minnesota area so our community can thrive on the cutting edge of the art scene.

Why name it ‘The Blaze’?
Because a blaze starts as a small little fire.
Your awareness of the arts in Minnesota or a specific artist or project.

2. And then it begins to grow and spread when it reaches flammable material.
You spread the word about Minnesota artists or projects to your friends & family and collaborate with those artists or projects.

Until it becomes one massive flame: ‘The Blaze’.
Worldwide awareness and support for each other.

Why should I care?
Because it starts with you. We want to build an art community in Minnesota that is more supportive. For example, musicians have a history of creating content for filmmakers, but under most projects, thatʼs where the collaboration stops. However, with Lambent Fuse, we have already established and will be creating future parallel partnerships to both promote and work with artists. We feel art, including filmmaking, should be a communal process, allowing for the ultimate creative experience.Home.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0
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